Presidential Decree Regarding the Measures Taken in the Judiciary Under the State of Emergency Entered into Force by Publishing in the Official Gazette on 11.02.2023

(1) In order to prevent loss of rights in the field of judiciary in provinces where a state of emergency was declared by the Presidential Decision No. 6785 dated 8/2/2023;

a) All periods regarding the birth, exercise or expiration of a right, including filing a lawsuit, initiating enforcement proceedings, application, complaint, objection, warning, notification, submission and statute of limitations, periods of foreclosure and mandatory administrative application periods; Administrative Procedure Law No. 2577 dated 6/1/1982, Criminal Procedure Law No. 5271 dated 4/12/2004 and Civil Procedure Law No. 6100 dated 12/01/2011 and other laws containing procedural provisions for the periods determined in terms of parties or related parties and within this scope, the periods determined by the judge and the periods in mediation and conciliation institutions,

b) The periods determined in the Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law No. 2004 dated 9/6/1932 and other laws on the law of enforcement, and within this scope, the periods determined by the judge or the enforcement and bankruptcy offices,

c) All enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings, parties and proceedings, receiving new enforcement and bankruptcy proceedings, execution and execution of precautionary attachment decisions, excluding enforcement proceedings regarding alimony receivables,

stops from 6/02/2023 (including this date) until 6/04/2023 (including this date). These periods start to run from the day following the day the suspension period ends.

(2) The following periods are outside the scope of the regulation:

(a) The statute of limitations for crime and punishment, misdemeanor and administrative sanction, and for disciplinary confinement and detention.

(b) The periods regarding the protection measures regulated in the Law No. 5271.

(c) Periods regarding the transactions that complete the precautionary measure regulated in the Law No. 6100.

(d) Periods regulated in the relevant laws for the Turkish Grand National Assembly and Presidential elections.”

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