Transportation Law

The mechanism that enables movement between the points where a product is produced and consumed is provided through transportation. The success of trade and industry firms depends on reliable, safe, economical and timely transport operations.

In parallel with the increase in international trade volume, the borders between countries and the development of the concept of globalization, the transportation sector has gained importance.When the global movement trails of goods and services is evaluated, Turkey has wide opportunity in maritime transport since it is located on the transit corridor between Europe, Asia, Africa, and Middle East.In 2017, land vehicles were used approximately 1.25 million times in exportation in Turkey. In the same year, 15 million tons of exports and 21 million tons of imports were made via maritime transport, while the number of aircraft using Turkish airports was 1.5 million and the number of passengers carried was 193 million.

Along with economic growth and development, it is expected that major transportation and infrastructure projects planned to be accomplished in our country, will make positive contributions in improving intercity and international transportation.

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