Real Estate Law

The real estate sector in Turkey constitutes one of the most vibrant sectors of the economy. The momentum in the construction sector also indirectly affects the real estate sector.

To state it numerically: an average of 1.34 million homes were sold annually in the last three years in Turkey. It is also stated that Urban Renewal and Transformation projects will cover 7.5 million homes and this transformation, which has a $400-billion budget, will also provide opportunities for the public-private sector business association.

Therefore, with the interest of foreign investors, demands of the young population and government incentives, this sector is expected to continue to grow in the future.

Real estate law, which is an important part of property law, disputes relating to property law in Turkey, constitute a majority. In our country, disputes about real estate are encountered frequently.

There are many types of cases about disputes arising from real estate. In this scope, correction and cancellation of land registration, refinement, evacuation, expropriation,adequate pay, elimination of joint ownership are frequent cases in this area.

The intensive investment activity in the construction and real estate sectors in our country has brought disputes about real estate law, naturally.

In terms of real estate law, Lexist represents clients in all administrative and judicial proceedings related to real estate law, as well as municipalities, cadastral and expropriation practices, disputes related to land ownership and development law, preparation and negotiation of Shopping Mall lease agreements and also all municipalities and other institutions.