Public Private Partnership Projects

The Public Private Partnership (PPP) has emerged as a model of business alliance based on sharing between public and private sectors in order to meet infrastructure needs in countries where the saving gap exists. The PPP, which is basically a financing model, has emerged as Build-Operate-Transfer, Build-Operate-Build-Operate, however, the Build-Operate-Transfer model is the most common model applied in our country.

According to Ministry of Development data on public-based private collaboration between the years 1986 and 2017, the total amount of investment in Turkey of $61.63 billion has been put into 225 project applications, the contract value of the project is $164.9 billion dollars, and 66% of the figure has been compromised by projects signed within the last five years.

Among the existing PPP projects in Turkey, airport projects rank first with a contract value of $ 68.5 billion, and it is followed respectively by energy ($25.8 billion), highway ($18.3 billion) and health care facilities ($11.5 billion) projects.

The PPP is an appropriate way to finance projects in Turkey, and the state gives a strong impression that projects in the field of transport infrastructure will continue. It demonstrates that a new public-private partnership projects will continue.

Lexist represents many domestic and foreign investors in build-operate, build-operate-transfer, operating right of transfer and build-lease-transfer projects in Turkey, including public-private cooperation in the project, particularly in infrastructure projects.

Lexist is actively involved in negotiating at the procurement stage, preparation of project documents, investors, project companies, banks and financial institutions and public institutions and institutions, obtaining all project permits and contracting projects and preparing and negotiating other construction contracts.