Creating a market economy based on competition, improving the capital market and earning economies through the reduction of the industrial and commercial activity of the state to the minimum, focusing the state on providing justice, security and comprehensive infrastructure services, which are the main tasks of the state, take place at the core of the privatization.

The main objective of privatization is ultimately to ensure that the state is fully withdrawn from the economy. On the other hand, it is not possible to talk about a healthy economic development in Turkey without development in the stock exchange and capital markets. Capital markets need to be developed so that companies can obtain resources through the issuance of stocks, bonds only without depending on the banking sector, and to ensure a healthy relationship between these resource costs and inflation. The development of the capital market is possible by directing a larger part of the savings to financial markets and by creating an economic structure that will allow the funds to flow to the capital market.

When assessed in this respect, it is aimed to create new resources directing domestic and foreign savings that are not directed to the financial markets and therefore to capital markets; on the other hand, to prevent negative pressure on the financial market, which is stuck due to demands of the public sector on funds.

Accordingly, the privatization process is taking place in large volumes in Turkey; these implementations are expected to continue in the coming years. In figures, an average of $ 1.3 billion has been privatized in the last three years. The average of the last five years is about $4.6 billion.

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