Our country ranks 28th among 132 countries in terms of total mining production value and it is in 10th place in terms of mineral diversity. The total value of the latest mineral exports in 2017 is $4.4 billion, and this value corresponds to 2.8% of Turkey’s total exports. The indirect annual contribution of the mining sector to the Turkish economy is about $40 billion.

Recently, the privatization of public enterprises and mines in the mining sector has gained speed, with an increase observed in private and foreign capital inflows specifically for the sector. The mining industry is expected to continue to improve in the coming years.

Legally, the mining sector is particularly concerned with both private and administrative law because of the rights of the state over underground resources and surveying, which is usually carried out in the public domain and due to the environmental effects of mining activities.

Lexist, which serves its clients in their application for all business permits and licenses, the preparation of royalty contracts, government rights and special government share issues, and other legal issues related to the mining sector, is aware of the importance of the mining sector on our country’s economy.