Mergers and Acquisitions

Privatization and mergers recently hold a very important place in Turkey’s economy. The average volume of $13.9 billion in mergers and acquisitions within the last five years has been realized in Turkey. In transactions where the target company is located in Turkey, the share of foreign investors stood at about 68%.

Each type of merger, acquisition, or sale transaction has its own unique opportunities as well as some risks. In this process, good legal knowledge and experience are needed to overcome the difficulties that are encountered at every step. In particular, due diligence plays a very important role in negotiations between the parties in mergers and acquisitions.

For the transferee company, the results of due diligence are one of the most critical criteria for the succession of the takeover process. For this reason, the status, liabilities and risks of a company are examined separately, and a comprehensive legal review report is prepared and presented for the client company.

From the point of the transferring company’s view, the most important points are the management of the process in a most professional and regular manner, in harmonious cooperation with company authorities, to respond rapidly to the requests of the acquiring company, full dominance of the company’s legal status and obligations after the closure.

Lexist provides legal advisory services to domestic and foreign clients at all stages of procurement and transfer transactions including preparation, negotiation and conclusion of share transfer and shareholder agreements, due diligence in company. It best represents its client, especially during mergers and acquisitions in regulated sectors in public permits and registrations that need to be completed.