Labour Law

Turkey’s predominantly young population also reveals the presence of a large workforce. As of January 2018, the number of people employed in Turkey is 28 million. The progress of technology has led to a growing number of labour disputes and the prolongation of cases in the face of a growing working population due to constantly changing work spaces in the working life, resulting in a new Code of Labour Courts.

Recent developments in labour law legislation are ongoing. With the Law on Labour Courts numbered 7036, from 2018 onwards, it is imperative to apply to the mediator before going to court in terms of certain types of cases. Through mediation, it is aimed to bring the parties together and resolve their own disputes within a short time. At this point, the mediator will facilitate the communication of the parties, apply mediation methods that keep them at the table, and help the parties find their own solutions. Accordingly, if mediation results in a negative result, the dispute will be resolved by taking it to court.

Lexist provides consulting services in all matters that fall under the scope of labour law, labour contracts, personnel directives, performance evaluations, collective bargaining agreements, trade unions, occupational health and safety, and represents clients in both mediation and litigation processes. In the field of labour law, which is the most controversial and juridical issue, Lexist provides for its clients accurate, regular and legitimate records and strives to secure correct decisions.