Intellectual Property

As new designs, industrial ideas or commercial undertakings pass through at a greater pace through economic and technological developments, the legal protection of these values also emerges as a necessity.

In order to use the trademark owner’s legal rights when a trademark or product is imitated or a similar problem arises, it is absolutely necessary to register the trademark under intellectual rights. Before the application for registration is made, the desired trademark should be researched on international trademark databases such as WIPO and EUIPO, target markets and the registration status in origin countries. There is a risk that the investment will be wasted at every step that will be followed before the necessary research on brand and industrial rights is carried out.

The globally shrinking market today forces all businesses to open up to foreign markets and compete in the international scene.It is seen that in recent years the number of registration applications in Turkey for designs, trademarks and patents increased by double-digit percentages every year. In 2017, the number of patent applications have been reached to 19,000, compared to the previous year increased by 15%. Trademark applications have also been reached to 121,000 in 2017 compared to the previous year increased by 13%.

It is of great importance to be in track of current legislation and follow current case-law for the registration and protection of rights in national and international trademark and patent institutions.Recently, important innovations have been introduced in both Turkish and international intellectual property legislation. The new Industrial Property Law No. 6769 entered into force, while European Union reform regulations entered into force in October 2017.

Lexist is actively involved in the preliminary research, preparation and follow-up of registration applications for trademark, patent and industrial design applications. It represents the client successfully in the administrative, judicial and criminal proceedings concerning the violation of property rights.