Turkey, parallel to the economic growth recorded over the past 15 years, has become one of the world’s fastest growing energy markets. Local and renewable resources have been foregrounded in line with the goal of “more domestic and more renewable” in the name of walking toward the future with sure steps.

In this respect, hydropower, wind, solar, electricity generation plants based on renewable energy with incentives for production of renewable energy, such as geothermal energy, have been opened in Turkey. Thus, the share of renewable energy sources, which was 0.3% of Turkey’s power generation in 2002 reached 12.16% as of October 2017.

In the context of renewable energy, wind and solar power plant tenders are declared one after the other, while nuclear energy projects are also critical. In April 2018, the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant construction was launched in collaboration with the Russian Federation. Feasibility operations in the Sinop Nuclear Power Plant project, the second nuclear power plant project, are ongoing. The first units of the Akkuyu and Sinop nuclear power plants are planned to be commissioned by 2023, with the construction of the third nuclear power plant also planned to commence by the same year.

The strong incentive policy on energy investments and privatizations and the strategies that support the domestic energy movement and the availability of renewable energy production at the initial stage of development are key opportunities for investment in the energy sector.

Lexist has significant experience in energy regulation, solar, wind and other renewable energy sources and ongoing operations on nuclear energy fields in our country. In this area, Lexist represents Turkey’s leading public and private legal entities and has taken an active role in public-private sector cooperation.

Lexist has experience in all processes ranging from energy project proposals to the realization of projects; in this respect it successfully represents its clients in the business and operations of all relevant public institutions and organizations.