Defence Industry

The Turkish Defence Industry, which is important because of our country’s geopolitical position and contributes significantly to the development of the economy, is undergoing a comprehensive transformation. With significant success achieved in recent years, Turkey has now become one of the fastest developing countries in the field of defence.

The strategy to co-operate with the countries and companies outstanding in the international arena, where the infrastructure of the domestic defence industry has been set up in the international arena, has been successfully accomplished with a number of defence projects such as the domestic defence industry’s domestic war ship, battle tank, attack helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Today, the Turkish defence industry has reached a highly developed position in terms of its capabilities, quality and sufficiency, with the contribution of many indigenous progenies it has developed. The Turkish defence industry meets the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces as well as its place among the important actors of the international defence market where competition is intense.It is no doubt that the share of the Turkish defence industry in domestic and foreign markets will increase in the coming years once major national defence projects are completed.

Turkey is one of the countries with the highest defence spending. In 2016, defence spending amounting to $15 billion places Turkey among the world’s largest defence budgets, ranking 17th. Additionally, its export volume in defence is observed increase every year and this figure has reached $1.8 billion in 2017.

Lexist represents clients in contract negotiations with other public institutions and organizations in the defence industry and related institutions and organizations, mainly by the tender opened by the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries. It provides consultancy services for domestic and foreign defence industry companies, defence industry equipment and the procurement of their products.