Competition Law

Market economy is based on the assumption that economic relations are competitive. According to this, in a market, competition is defined as competition in which sellers are trying to increase their sales of goods and services, thereby increasing their profits.

Competition law is a field that is rapidly affected by technological and economic developments in terms of quality and responds quickly. Parallel to technological developments, economic activities continue to diversify rapidly and gain volume. Under such free market economy conditions, competition law is gaining more and more importance by the day.

In a scenario which markets are left to themselves market undertakings entering a destructive race is inevitable, hence risking social welfare and competition instead of competition, or engaging in exploitative or exclusionary actions by using their economic powers. In order to eliminate such risks, the Competition Authority constantly monitors the market and is actively involved in competition law.

Lexist represents the clients within the authority of the Competition Authority during investigations by the Competition Authority and is actively involved in making necessary notifications and applications to the Competition Authority regarding the merger and acquisition processes. It also successfully represents its clients in terms of applying for legal remedies against administrative fines or administrative sanctions imposed by the Competition Authority.