Banking and Finance

The banking sector in Turkey today, fulfilling the needs of modern banking and having a strong capital structure, continues to evolve with each passing day under the supervision of effective regulatory and supervisory agencies.

The banking sector, rising on a solid foundation with enforced reformations at the beginning of the second millennium, has reached 51 banks operating in Turkey with approximately 11,500 branches and 210,000 employees, equal to an asset size of 3.054 billion as of September 2017.

While the growth policy supported by the government’s often revised strategic plans creates an opportunity for foreign capital, the development of participation banks, which incorporates people who are distant to interest, offers new and alternative opportunities for the sector.

In addition to banks, financial leasing, factoring and financing companies constitute other financial institutions. The number of established companies in such sectors has reached 99 as of 2018 in Turkey, with the companies offering alternative and flexible solutions in terms of financing.

Banks and financial institutions, especially public-private cooperation in the field of transportation and infrastructure brand projects carried out in Turkey, play an important role in terms of financing. Project financing negotiations, mostly conducted in English, between banks and contractors, require advanced expertise and experience in banking and finance law.

Lexist provides legal advice on all matters relating to the banking and finance sector. In this respect, it represents at best domestic and foreign sponsors, banks, project companies and funds, its clients in national and international banking and financing transactions, including project financing, purchase financing, asset financing, structured financing, Islamic finance and other types of financing.