Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution aimed ultimately at resolving disputes between the parties through specialists called arbitrator instead of state courts. Since the cases to be filed in state courts require a lengthy trial process, it is a quicker alternative to resort to arbitration to achieve the desired result. Parties in arbitration are free to choose their arbitrators. The decision of the arbitral tribunal as a result of arbitration proceedings, in nature, can be enforced in Turkey as well as abroad.

Arbitration, especially in the settlement of international commercial disputes, is a common solution because of the fact that arbitration proceedings are more confidential, the rules are flexible, international agreements are facilitated and the dispute can be terminated much sooner than suing.

While the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) arbitration institution in Paris is the most preferred arbitration institution in the world, the Istanbul Arbitration Centre (ISTAC) established in our country in 2015 by Law No. 6570 emerges as an alternative in international arbitration in terms of its position and quality.

Lexist has worked as a secretary to arbitral tribunal or as a lawyer in international arbitration proceedings subject to the International Arbitration Act. Apart from that, Lexist worked as a lawyer or consultant in many cases of arbitration, especially the ICC Arbitration Rules. Lexist has made effective efforts in the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards. The Lexist team has many academic and practical work on investment arbitration.